Sasol Chemicals - Wax Division

Wax solutions for every process

The Wax Division of Sasol Chemicals is a leading specialist in innovative wax technology, offering our customers in various industries around the world a wide range of wax products of the highest quality and purity.


Providing a comprehensive range of paraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes, synthetic Fischer-Tropsch waxes, petroleum jellies as well as blends and emulsions thereof, our products are as individual as the industrial applications they serve, with customized solutions creating real business value for customers.


Today we serve a variety of industries such as hot melt adhesives, polymer processing, inks, paints, coatings, rubber, tire, paper, packaging, textiles, cosmetics, pharma, construction board as well as road construction, candles and many others.


Micro and macro crystalline waxes are renowned for a wide range of possible applications. Their use ranges from rather simple applications to process oriented tailor-made blends for state of the art production equipment. Specialties are created for innovative solutions.


Refined paraffin waxes are blends of saturated hydrocarbons, purified by modern, environmentally friendly technologies. All our products are constantly monitored by a stringent quality control system, are nontoxic and meet the highest expectations.


Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch (FT) waxes are synthetically produced by using gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, in which Sasol is globally recognised as a commercial and technological  leader. The GTL process uses a sustainable feedstock, natural gas, to produce Fischer-Tropsch waxes. Sasol’s FT waxes offer unique properties and superior performance in a variety of applications thanks to the combination of a high melting point, low viscosity and excellent hardness, even at elevated temperatures. Our FT waxes are inherently stable and may be exposed to heat for long periods with little deterioration in their properties. State-of-the-art fractionation, micronisation and modification result in a wide range of waxes with different physical and chemical properties. Chemical modification yields products with unique properties that can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers.