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Personal Care

Our Products for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry

Our products are widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, where they are employed as processing aids, as softener for adjusting hardness, in many lotions and creams (e.g. cleansing milk, lipid-replenishing cosmetics and sun protection agents, but also for hair care). They act as the base for creams, lipsticks, rouge and eye cosmetics such as eye shadow, eyebrow pencils and mascara.  


Petroleum jellies, solid paraffins and microwaxes are essential components in formulations, as they have outstanding properties in terms of their protective action, colour and also as a consistency regulator. They help to enhance the health of the skin by protecting it from dehydration. Other applications range from shaving foam, hot and cold depilatory waxes to thermal therapy, which exploits the outstanding heat storing properties of paraffin waxes.


Our SHEER AND INNOCENT product range contains safe solutions for your cosmetic applications. When it comes to body care, customers aren’t willing to compromise - they want the best. They seek purity, safety and exceptional performance in Beauty products – for body and peace of mind. The innovative raw materials we use in the SHEER AND INNOCENT portfolio fulfill all these requirements.


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