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Industrial Wax solutions for every process

Inks and Paints


The Wax Division of Sasol Chemicals, one of the largest producers of petrochemical and Fischer-Tropsch waxes in the world, produces a number of specialised wax grades in liquid, micronized, flaked and pelletized form for use in the printing ink industry. Utilisation of the Fischer-Tropsch process together with state of the art fractionation, micronisation and blending facilities enables Sasol Chemicals to produce superlative products targeted to satisfy the needs of ink makers in every application area as well as intermediate wax grinders, dispersion or compound producers.


Industrial Coatings


Waxes play an important role in the manufacturing of surface treatment materials. Sasol Chemicals offers the full range of petrochemical and synthetic Fischer-Tropsch waxes, white oils and petroleum jellies to fulfil the special requirements of your process.


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